23. Januar 2019 |

Let’s move together! Festive mood at Campus in Motion

It was a day of wonder and hands-on participation, networking possibilities and celebration – the Campus in Motion event on 2 May 2019 generated a lot of movement on University Square. Organised in six theme areas (Sports, Culture, Research, Innovation, Sustainability and Society), TU Braunschweig students and staff members as well as their project partners presented what it is they move, and what moves them. The attractions ranged from readings, theatrical performances and self-driving model cars to space walks, Quidditch matches and live music.

One of the highlights was the Science Cloud: a stage during the day and a dance floor in the evening. Photo credit: Bianca Loschinsky

All day long, University Square was full of soap bubbles, lively conversations, a festive mood and music. The first ever Campus in Motion festival was held as part of TU Braunschweig’s application for the title of Excellence University. Under the motto “we move,” visitors were invited to join in and get moving.

A link between research and culture

One of the highlights was the Science Cloud set up by the ForschungRegion Braunschweig research alliance. It functioned as a two-part stage, connecting research to culture. One side featured performances such as the Science Slam hosted by Haus der Wissenschaft (Science House), readings by the Gauss Friends and plays in English by the TUBS Players drama group. The other side hosted a very special attraction from the German Aerospace Centre (DLR): wearing VR glasses, visitors were able to explore the International Space Station and go for a walk in outer space.

Get moving!

Anyone up for a bit of action was able try out Acroyoga or play some Quidditch. Curious about your breath and heart rate while driving? The PLRI for Medical Computer Science was happy to oblige with their driving simulator that featured a sensor in the seat belt. Other options included Activity, a very active board game organised by the Personnel Development Department, a flight trainer operated by the Akaflieg student initiative, Flipchart Karaoke from the student consulting service Consult One and experiments concerning food waste by the Agnes Pockels Laboratory. At the Team CDLC race course, visitors were invited to compete against self-driving model cars. The Sustainability theme area featured information on food sharing and heritage varieties of fruit bushes, among other things.

In the evening, the musicians of the Triángelo acoustic band and DJs Andreas Siegemund and Thomas Meinecke easily persuaded people to keep moving. For a glimpse of the Tentomax auditorium before the opening event, and even more Campus in Motion impressions, be sure to visit our photo gallery.